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Vehicle breakdowns, out of gas, and getting stuck in a mud or ditch are just a few common scenarios that require tow truck service. One popular method for towing vehicles is using a tow strap. Tow straps ropes that attach one vehicle to another for the intention of towing them over short distances. Whether to the nearest repair shop or simply getting onto the road, tow straps can be a helpful and fast solution.

Throughout the process of using a tow strap to tow another vehicle, each vehicle should be watched by a person. One person needs to drive the vehicle during towing, whereas the other control the towed vehicle. Following are some techniques and tips to safely steering a vehicle that is being towed by another.

Towing With Tow Strap

The towing can begin when both ends of the vehicles are tightly fastened with the strap. However, there are still a few important points to take note when using the tow strap. Firstly, do not tow unattended vehicles. Secondly, don’t driver over 15 Miles Per Hour. Lastly, stay focus on driving safely.

With these pointers in mind, the driver of the towing vehicle can proceed and slowly press on the gas pedal to move forward, till the strap is taut. When the strap is taut, the towing vehicle can now accelerate slowly forward. The two cars should keep a safe distance from other vehicles, permit enough time for turning and other movements. Do not brake abruptly to prevent jerking and jolting the other vehicle.

The person in the vehicle towed has to know what is planned and knows how to control situations. The person in the vehicle being towed needs to stay focused throughout the whole towing process and actively control the steering wheel and brakes. It is his duty to drive the vehicle along with the direction of the towing vehicle, and concentrate for its brake lights as well as turn signals. During the whole process, each person in the cars must keep the appropriate amount of resistance in the tow strap by keeping a decent distance between the two vehicles.

When There is No Strap

If no tow strap is available, do not just rely on anyone to tow your car. If you are alone, just call a local tow truck service provider for professional towing assistance. Be sure to engage a licensed and reputable company to do the job for you.

Towing Vehicle

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